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Things to do in Naples

Naples has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which added to the  wide range of activities to do and places to visit, makes it the perfect holiday destination. Chasing cultural activities… Herculaneum or Ercolano Located close to Naples and Pompeii, its remains are preserved quite well and you’ll have the chance to […]

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America’s Cup World Series in Naples

For the second time in a row, Naples will once again play host to one of the most anticipated sailing regattas worldwide. The world’s fastest boats and the world’s most skillful sailors will convene in the city of Naples for the next America’s Cup World Series event, which takes place April 16 through 21, 2013. […]

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Naples, the City of Pizza

Bustling, suburban, motley, southern, fun, chaotic … all of this describes the city of Naples. Its narrow streets are full of loud people, colorful motorbikes, clotheslines in the street, images of the Virgin Mary in the most unlikely places, and businesses of all kinds.   Every traveler should take a walk through the old town, […]

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Underground Naples

When you visit the historic center of Naples, you will not only be amazed by the beauty of this world famous city of southern Italy, but also because underneath the surface, there is a little known underground world that recently is being discovered by more tourists and Neapolitans. No doubt, the world of underground passages […]

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World Press Photo 2012 in Naples

World Press Photo hosts over 100 exhibitions around the world every year. It has become one of the most popular traveling photo events in the world and is currently the world’s most prestigious photography competition. The competition is organized and based in the Netherlands, and works by the competition winners and runners-up are placed on […]

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Naples, the City of Domes

According to the stories, the body of the siren who once tried to bewitch Ulysses in the Odyssey was found very close to the old city, or Pallet Polis as the Greeks called it. The cunning Ulysses managed to save his life by tying himself to the boat while the siren died from sadness over […]

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