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Traveling with children can be a challenge when finding activities to suit their taste. If you have planned to travel to Nice, here are some amazing things you can do to enjoy with the whole family.

Nice is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The picturesque capital of the Cote d´Azur is a paradise for those looking for a dream holiday. Beautiful beaches, haute cuisine and an amazing atmosphere, make this city the one of the most legendary tourist destinations on the planet.

However, Nice is not only glamour. Here you can also feel comfortable traveling with children and, perhaps, seek an experience that goes beyond an exquisite gastronomy and luxury shops.

French Riviera Pass

For parents traveling on a tighter budget, we recommend the “French Riviera Pass”, which allows access to more than twenty tourist attractions and the most important museums of the city, as well as ten custom guides. Find out where to buy the French Riviera Pass at Nice’s tourist center.

Marc Chagall Museum

Once you’ve purchased the pass, head to Marc Chagall Museum, where you will find some of the most emblematic works of this famous French painter. It opens from May to October 10-18 hours and from November to April 10-17 hours. It is closed on Tuesday, January the 1st, May the 1st and December the 25th. You’ll find Marc Chagall Museum on Avenue Doctoeur Ménard.

The miniature train from Nice

Another great attraction for kids in Nice, it´s certainly the miniature train that takes you from Promenade des Anglais to the imperial gardens, up in the mountains. The train passes through the famous Place Masséna, the picturesque streets of the old city and the beautiful flower market, to finally reach a mountain from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city. The tour will take approximately 45 minutes. The train departures every 30 minutes from Promenade des Anglais.


Marineland is the perfect park for travelers with children. This is a magical place to experience great moments. Here you’ll find three pools dedicated to the whales, dolphins and sea lions. During the daytime you’ll have the chance to see a show dedicated to sea lions. In the aquarium you can get to know more about the mysterious world of sharks, while in the evening shows there is an amazing atmosphere for the presentation of whales and dolphins. Marineland is located on the Avenue Mozart.

Castel des deux rois Park

This park is located at the foot of Mont Baron and offers a spectacular view of the city. Its huge fountains at the entrance are the main attraction for children, especially during the summer, while parents can take a break in the extensive green area.

Bicycle Rental

If you are a fan of active holidays and discover the hidden corners of the city on two wheels, there is nothing better than renting bikes for the whole family. You´ll find “Holiday Bikes” at number 23 rue de Belgique, where you’ll find everything you need for a day cycling, helmets for children and babies included. Be aware that the bikes need to be booked in advance: 33 (0) 493 16 01 62.
If you want to enjoy a memorable holiday, we recommend you to find accommodation in Nice . This is without doubt, the best way to explore the city as a family and to rest after a long day of activities.

There are many reasons to visit Dubrovnik and many more if you decide to go on a romantic getaway with your better half. This beautiful Croatian city is also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic (defined as such by Lord Byron) and it has such extraordinary beauty that even UNESCO thinks it´s quite special. Yes, now Dubrovnik is a World Heritage Site that UNESCO preserves.

The truth is that it doesn´t matter what you go to do there, whether it´s walk around its old town or around its walls, eat in one of the many restaurants with an amazing sea view or go for a dip in its crystal-clear waters… it doesn´t matter; any activity will make you feel like the stars of those romantic films that all of us, especially us women, have dreamed of being in.

However, where is best to start? Perhaps the first step is to visit the old town of Dubrovnik. It´s surrounded by 1940 yards of walls and all of these yards can be walked by foot. Some of the spots of this impressive construction are 246 ft tall and they hold 16 towers, so you can imagine the amazing view that you can admire of the city and its wonderful coastline. It is truly incredible and words don´t do it justice. You have to experience it first hand, and even more so with your partner. You can also walk around the Stradun or Placa (main square) or on the main street of the old town, which goes from Pile Gate to the Clock Tower. On this street you can find some of the most important buildings in the city, such as the Rector´s Palace, Sponza Palace or the Orlando´s Column, among others.

Stradun is famous for having many restaurants, bars and cafes. However, if you intend to organise a romantic meal, the best option will perhaps be booking a table at Nautika, the best restaurant in the city. It´s located near Pile Gate, just a few yards from the Old Town. You can sample delicious seafood there and enjoy amazing views of the walls and the Lovrijenac Fortress.

If you´re still in need of more romanticism after this charming restaurant, the second proposal to definitively conquer the heart of your partner is to go to Victoria. It´s best to go for dinner so that you can enjoy its beautiful terrace, the sunset over the old town and the Adriatic Sea.

Don´t forget that Dubrovnik is also beach and sea… and what a sea! Despite that, the beaches aren´t sand beaches but rather rock beaches, so don´t walk barefoot (unless your feet are made of rock themselves).

I repeat, no matter what you do in Dubrovnik, it will be one of the most romantic holidays you will ever have.

If you´d like to surprise your partner with a romantic getaway, the Pearl of the Adriatic is probably the perfect solution. Find accommodation in Dubrovnik and you´ll see that the passion between you and your partner will grow even stronger.

Beyond Prague

The city of Prague has so many places to discover but it would be a serious mistake to not take a look beyond the city´s borders while you´re there. One of the places near the Czech capital that is worth checking out is Kutná Hora. If you look at Google pictures of the town you may not see anything that makes this particular place special. Well, the truth is that the village itself is like any other village in the Czech Republic… except for one small detail. Kutná Hora has a church made entirely (or almost entirely) of human bones: the Sedlec Ossuary.
The trip to Kutna Hora from Prague station is an adventure in itself. The trains are old, make frequent stops and travel about 70 km an hour. This may not be the ideal trip for anyone used to traveling in style, but this kind of travel can certainly make a trip memorable.

Once you´ve arrived in Kutná Hora, it´s about a 20-minute walk to Sedlec. Once there, the entrance fee is 50 CZK, which is less than € 2, and what awaits inside really is amazing.

The Sedlec Ossuary

Sedlec was reputed to be a sacred place for burials because a Cistercian monk who had returned from Terra Santa with a handful of dirt scattered this on the spot where the church was later built. A couple of centuries later when the Black Plague hit, so many people died and were buried here that the cemetery had to be enlarged. In the fifteenth century a chapel was built on the site to preserve the bones of exhumed bodies that had been buried in the mass graves. The task was entrusted to a half-blind monk who said he was the founder of the Sedlec Ossuary. In the late eighteenth century, he commissioned a woodcarver to arrange the bones, and it was he, František Rint, who built what we see today.

Upon entering, the first thing you see is a spider-shaped chandelier made entirely of bones. The walls are also full of bones and there are shelves full of skulls. The walls are made whole bone, presumably arms and legs, and Christian crosses are also made of bones. The result may seem rather macabre but it can also be viewed as a true work of art. It is estimated that between 40 and 70 thousand human skeletons were used to complete this ´work´, and it does seem to have an unimaginable number of bones. One can also see that the skeletons came from people of different ages, and many skulls and bones came from young children who perished during the Plague.

Half an hour is enough time to visit the church, and there´s not much else to see in Kutná Hora. The road back to the station can be a bit challenging, however, with so many thoughts going through your head after such a visit. Nevertheless, the Sedlec Ossuary is very unique and an interesting story to relate to those back home. Chances are you´ll never see anything like it again.

For more information, visit the official website Sedlec Ossuary: http://www.sedlecossuary.com/

Find apartment accommodation in Prague and don´t miss the opportunity to visit Kutná Hora while you´re in the capital. The Sedlec Ossuary is guaranteed to leave you speechless. The Czech Repuplic offers something different and unique for travelers and yet it is still easy to reach.

Naples has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which added to the  wide range of activities to do and places to visit, makes it the perfect holiday destination.

Chasing cultural activities…

Herculaneum or Ercolano

Located close to Naples and Pompeii, its remains are preserved quite well and you’ll have the chance to see how the ancient city was. You can go on your own and explore it yourself, or you can hire a private guide. This area is not as busy, but finding parking may be a bit difficult, however this is a site worth visiting.


This is a city that has some of the most famous architectural remains in Italy. Today it is one of the most touristic areas and it is part of the National Park of Vesuvius.

Castel dell ´Ovo

This construction from the XII century is located on the Megaride Islet, in the Gulf of Naples. It was given its name because of a story that says that in the castle’s foundation lay a magic egg, which acts as a magical protection for the whole building.


In the Volcano town the only thing you’ll lose is the notion of time, because there are many activities to do, and among them, we can continue with a trip to the neighborhood Spaccanapoli, which is one of the most emblematic of the city and a captivating attraction to experience the authentic Neapolitan environment.

Catacombs of San Gennaro

It is difficult to build tunnels that cross the city, because of the amount of archaeological remains in the underground. This happens with the Catacombs of San Gennaro, saint of the city. This is a space devoted to bury the bishops of Naples.

San Gregorio Armeno

Naples is one of those timeless cities where the typical endures throughout the year. In this place, it is common to get a Christmas figure, no matter the current season, in the neighborhood of San Gregorio Armeno.

Museum of Contemporary Art

History and art of all time. If there is the option to attend the Museum of Contemporary Art, you should pay a visit to it and have the chance to see modern art exhibitions, this is a place not to be missed.

Piazza del Plebiscito

The Piazza del Plebiscito, which accompanies the Church of San Francisco Paola, the Palace of Forestry and the Royal Palace.

Via Toledo and Via Colletta

It would be unthinkable to go on all these tours around the Volcano City, with an empty stomach. There is nothing like taste all possible kinds of pizzas. Naples is in fact, the birthplace of pizza. There is a countless range of pizzas for you to try. the Via Toledo and Via Colletta host the best restaurants.


Man can’t live by pizza alone, you can also enjoy a delicious and traditional Neapolitan sweet, the Sfogliatella, which is a pastry filled with ricotta cheese and sprinkled with icing sugar.

Touring Naples is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. Nice weather, cultural tours, good food and above all, a great place to rest and recharge. Book Naples accommodation apartments and get the most out of the city.

Visiting Barcelona with the whole family

When planning a vacation with children, you have to think of activities that entertain and amuse the little ones and take advantage of these days off to give them the time that the daily life usually doeskin allow. Barcelona is an ideal destination for this, with many entertainment options for the whole family .

If you visit this city, one of the places you must include in your agenda is the Barcelona Urbà Bosc (Barcelona Urban Forest), an adventure park that has the great advantage of being located in the city, so you do not have to worry about leaving the city.

Located in the Parc del Forum, a public park with unique buildings and open spaces which hosts some of the most important events of the Catalan capital, and is located north of the city and the sea, making it perfect for a complete day at the beach.

Adventure sports in the city

The main amusements that Barcelona offers visitors at the Bosc Urbà adventure sports are amongst others : zip lines, bungee jumping, canoeing, scavenger hunts … All adapted to the age of participants, and in addition  the facilities are ready to welcome groups of adults that are also looking for fun.

For children,  the orange circuit is proposed, suitable for ages from 4 to 10. It includes 14 low difficulty varied activities, located at a maximum height  of 1.5 meters : zip lines, various types of bridges, the pirate network, swings, etc.., In an outdoor trip that will delight little ones and allow them to have fun while practicing physical exercise and enhance coordination skills and ingenuity.

If you want the whole family to participate in the experience, try the blue circuit. It is of medium difficulty and can children from 8 years on can participate. In this case, the platforms have a greater height (up to 4 meters) and the route includes 19 activities, with ziplinesup to 35 meters.

The more adventurous can opt for the red circuit, ideal for those looking for thrills and appropriate in the event that your children are of older age. Whatever you choose it will be an experience you will never forget.



Tickets cost $ 11 for the children´s circuit, 16 euros for the blue circuit 19 euros for children and adults or, in case you have to decide the red one 23 euros for those under 18 euros and 27 for adults . You must be book by phone or email and you can find more information on their official website.


In summer they open from 10h to 15h and from 16h to 20h and winter opening hours arereduced, so it is important to check the timetables before going to make sure it is open.


The Forum Park is well connected and there are several bus lines that connect to it, plus line 4 metro and T4 tram (Maresme-Forum).


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The second Grand Slam of 2013

Spring is here! And with it one of the favorite events of tennis fans: Roland Garros! The second Grand Slam in the global tennis calendar. The date is near, from May 21 to June 9 you can enjoy the world´s best players in the French capital.

The Roland Garros tournament is one of the most legendary and also very special because of its features, like Wimbledon. Its Grand Slam condition makes it last two weeks and units male and female players and also grants them more points as the tournament winner takes home 2000 points that will surely help him get a good climb in the rankings.

The other great feature is that Roland Garros is the most important tournament on the clay  surface. It is one of the oldest tennis tournament in the world and of course the oldest clay one. The clay or clay pot makes the ball slower than on other surfaces such as cement or grass and therefore one of the main features is that players require a resistance that is not required in other tournaments.

Held at the Roland Garros Stade southwest of Paris. A complex with tennis twenty courts among which is the renowned Philippe Chartier track. This court had unique encounters witnessed in the history of tennis. The big names come to mind: Björn Borg, Mats Wilander, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal of course, a true emperor of this track with 7 trophies won

How is this year´s tournament?

In the men category , last year lived an exciting final, Rafael Nadal Vs Novak Djokovic, a true clash of the titans that marked the great victory that came to Rafa needing it  for the Serbian was a real king in his best year.

This year there is an undisputed leader, Rafa who just is healing from a  very lasting injury, but who has shown that he can win big tournaments, Djokovic continues with  his good tennis, but he is not in as good shape as the previous year. Andy Murray or Roger Federer in turn could cause an upset.

On the girls side, last year´s champion Maria Sharapova was queen, and threatened reign players like Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and China´s Li Na.

Ticket sales to the public began on February 13, 2013 and you can book yours through its official website rolandgarros.fft-tickets.com. To get the maximum comfort it is best to create a user account through which will give you all the information you need.

Enjoy one of the best shows in the world! Long live tennis!

Find accommodation in Paris for your stay during the tournament for it does not cost too much money. A great formula to enjoy tennis at its best!

Very close to Barcelona, on the Costa Dorada, we’ll find one of the best amusement parks in the world: PortAventura. Famous in Spain and the rest of Europe, because of its second to none facilities that include the tallest and fastest roller coasters in Europe, the park is quite a summer destination for adventure seekers looking for cultural performances and of course, the beach, which is one of the main attractions it has this beautiful Catalonian coast full of castles and charming villages.


Fun for the whole family

This giant park amuses its visitor with different environments that recreate ancient ages on different continents, while standing out other theme parks, because it is not only dedicated to children’s amusement, but to the entire family; young and old can spend here a few days of relaxation and entertainment. It is up to you to choose what to do according to the wide range of attractions offered at the park. Within the multiple theme attractions we’ll find ourselves in a colonial China, with stunning scenery that recreates life during the ancient times, there you’ll also have the chance to taste China’s delicious gastronomy. Another theme attraction you want to visit is Polynesia and its idyllic settings that will definitively surprise you. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Sesame adventure, the Far West, Mediterranean and colonial Mexico, which includes pyramids, restaurants and all the best of this charming culture.

The new opening

PortAventura is one of the best theme parks in Europe. The park never stops amusing its visitors with new attractions as giant roller coasters and water park slides, the highest and most rapid in Europe among many others. With the arrival of summer, PortAventura opens its brand new Costa Caribe Aquatic Park. This amazing attraction includes the tallest and fastest water slide in Europe. An important part of this amazing water adventure is the new swimming pools for children and adults, the new scenery, and a pirate ship with the Sesame Street characters. If you want to have a more relaxing experience, there is nothing to worry about since the park offers everything for you to relax and indulge the delights of water, including spa therapies, hydro massages and many others. The area of the water park is around 50.000 m2, impressive don’t you think?

If you are not really into amusement parks, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the great beauty of Costa Brava, which is full of castles and hidden beaches.  Also,  not so far away, you’ll find the natural park of the Ebro Delta as well as several Golf courts in the surrounded area.

Now you know it, if you want to have fun as never before find out about the special rates and plans that PortAventura offers. It is close to Barcelona and a great option to spice up a bit your summer vacation.

For more information visit: http://www.portaventura.es/aquatic-park

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Berlin is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe . Year-round festivals all occur and even overlap each other. But one of them prevails over all others, one that knows no musical tastes or preferences …


© akiwitz
An explosion of color, creativity and music

The Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures in Berlin). From 17 to 20 May the German capital transforms itself, the streets live a burst of color, creativity and music. All Berliners and visitors are involved to a greater or lesser extent, it is a feast for all audiences.

The Karneval der Kulturen should be recommended by therapists as a treatment against boredom and monotony. Who said the Germans were serious? That´s because they have not been seen strolling the streets dressed up. But the Karneval der Kulturen is much more than costumes and customs.

A multicultural festival

Berlin has a large immigrant population. Thousands of people have traveled to the German capital in search of work. It is not new, this migration to the center of Europe has a tradition of centuries. But the Berliners do not see it as a problem, just the opposite. The various nationalities with their respective customs and traditions cohabit in a culturally rich city. The Karneval der Kulturen intended to be a reflection of this thinking of the Germans. Thousands of people with their costumes, with their dances, with their cuisines and songs look like a great multicultural rainbow that floods the streets and squares of the city.

Historically Berlin has always been identified as a core of nationalism and racism, but things have changed dramatically since the end of World War II. There are many symbols that dot the city and remember that black chapter in the history of the country. The Holocaust Museum is a sample of it and a visit to it is a personal recommendation.

Now the capital of Germany is a multicultural integration workshop for all countries. More than 800,000 foreigners living in Berlin feel at home, and during the days of carnival it is openly demonstrated. Mexicans, Russians, Indians, Turks, Africans, Chinese and many more come together with the intention to know each other better .

I advise you to take a stroll along one of the main squares to sample many dishes from each region. Quite a feast for the senses and for your stomach. Moreover, the arrival of good weather is a reason to visit Berlin. The arrival of spring raises up mercury thermometers and daylight hours increase considerably. There is no better time to spend a few days in the city.

It is a unique opportunity if you areplanning to visit the city. A big party that lives on the street and everyone shares, Berlin, immigrants and tourists are invited.

If you want to know in depth the acts and events at the  Karneval der Kulturen I recommend you visit the official website


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Greenwich Village and Union Square, two adjacent neighborhoods in New York´s borough of Manhattan, share a colorful political past and a vibrant cultural life. A visit to these two neighborhoods is both intellectually enriching and enjoyable. Plus, there´s great food to be had.


The Beat Movement

The birthplace of the Beat movement in the early fifties, Greenwich Village is still shedding its hippie-folk past in favor of trendy restaurants, shops and nightlife. Its exclusive residents (including many celebrities) have long since replaced the Beat artists. But there is still something bohemian in these quaint, tree-lined streets, especially with the strong presence of the nearby University of New York.

And in the heart of the neighborhood, there´s the historic Washington Square Park, where bohemians as well as NYU co-editors, musicians, skaters and street performers now gather in the same places as Dylan and Ginsburg once did. If you want to become better acquainted with Beat poetry, visit the Strand Book Store, the largest independent book which is famous for its 18 km of new, used and rare books.

“The Village”

If you want to party, the Village is full of lively music venues, bars and cafes for an elegant evening out on the town. The streets are full until late into the night on weekends, with revelers in search of places like The Dove Parlour, a sleek underground bar located in a Victorian parlor, and Otto, an Italian wine bar with a bubbly scene and delicious antipasto created by Mario Batali.

Batali has left his mark throughout the Village, including places like the famous and much-loved Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca, which offers a tasting menu of pastas, and the rustic Italian Lupa Osteria Romana, in which he also has a stake. For seasonal American cuisine, head to Blue Hill or the Gotham Bar and Grill by the prominent New York chef Alfred Portale. For sushi, try Ushiwakamaru.

Union Square

Just north of the Village is Union Square, which has long been a meeting point for political activists of all stripes. Union leaders in the early twenties, anti-war protesters in the early sixties, and the Occupy Wall Street protesters of 2011 all demonstrated here. One thing that absolutely eveyone can agree on, however, is that there´s plenty of good food to be found here.

The Union Square Greenmarket is the largest center for chefs and concious consumers in search of organic and locally grown products and ready to eat treats. Delicious restaurants also abound, including sushi at 15 East, fresh seafood at Blue Water Grill, and Italian food at Union Square Cafe. And for great beer or a hearty Irish breakfast, go to Lillie´s Irish pub.

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San Isidro

Of San Isidro we know his name and surname : Isidro de Merlo and Quintana. Born in the late eleventh century, he died in 1172 after having lived a miraculous and holy life. Married to Mary Toribia, also proclaimed a saint, he was a humble farmer who, in life, thanks to prayer, rescued his son from a well to bring up the waters.


Photo: © Jim Anzalone

Other stories tell us how angels helped Isidro plow his masters lands, Juan de Vargas, and how he distributed seeds and grains amongst the poor. San Isidro is the patron saint of farmers in different parts of Spain and Latin America.

San Isidro 2013

This year the Feast of San Isidro is celebrated for 10 days, from the 10 to the 19 of May. But what we can we do during these festivities? Pay close attention to the list:

Attend the pilgrimage, held around the chapel, located in the Pradera de San Isidro. For the rookies take your food from home and celebrate a picnic. There are also stalls of traditional meats.

Do not miss the Mass with the blessing of waters, according to the ancient Mozarabic rite, even though the temple is always packed with faithful. Carnations are given later for free to attendees.

Bullfighting is expected in San Isidro, A bull fight is held in Las Ventas. Throughout the month there will be more than 47 shows.
Since not everyone likes to see an animal suffering, a better option are the musical events around the Plaza Mayor in the evening.

From the 12 to the 15 of May, during the first part of the holidays, around Lavapies Price Circus puts on their show Callejeando.

Next to the Puerta de Toledo and the Rastro Park another cultural event occurs, Its name is SUMandoLETRAS and it is  an exchange of books to promote reading and the love of bibliophiles.

During the days 18 and 19, in Lavapies and La Latina, the Castizos (popular characters of the local culture) go out dressed in their traditional costumes dancing the popular chotis.

There are guided tours that can take curious travelers to the places where San Isidro lived, prayed or had presence

Concerts at the Puerta de Alcala, at nightfall, the 17, 18 and 19. Performances from Hombres G, Café Quijano and Rosario Flores.

The festivals are celebrated in Vistillas. Local audiences often enjoy the food, music, dancing and, of course traditional costume.

There are also Spanish guitar concerts, operetta, music with organs, puppets, storytelling, hard rock, contests, games and speeches by  eminent citizens of the city.

The best idea is to rent apartments in Madrid city center  and enjoy this big party.